Q: Do I need an ID to come in?

A: YES, to enter a marijuana dispensary you must have a valid ID and be atleast 18 and over 


Q: Why do I need to leave my phone number?

A: we require a phone number since we hold on to your ID and in case it is left behind we can give you a call. We also offer a text service where we send exclusive deals twice a week


Q: Is it cash only or credit ?

A: it is cash only but we do have an ATM inside 


Q: do you guys sell pounds of weed? 

A: we do sell pounds but for that we do need a notice in advance if it is a specific  strain 


Q: How many times can I do a deal 

A: it is a limit of one deal, but if you join our telegram VIP members have a limit of 2. 


Q: Is there any FTP DEAL?

A: YES! First timers get a 5G 8TH or 15% off non-flower


Q:is there any referral deals ?

A: YES! Referrer gets 5G 8TH or 15% off non flower 

If both parties make a purchase both get upgraded to 7G 8ths 


Q: Do you guys deliver ?

A: We do not but we offer pre orders and our hours are from 8am-12am